Martin Roudný is part of the Czech orienteering team and choose Halden due to its unlimited training possibilities and a professional approach to runners. Get to know Martin below.

Martin 1980px

For those who do not know you, who are you (short presentation)?

Hi! I’m Martin, 21 years old Czech and I’m studying at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, just finishing my bachelor’s degree. For 2022, I’m part of the Czech orienteering team.

Why have you choosen to run for Halden Skiklubb?

Halden is a top club with unlimited training possibilities and a professional approach to runners. It consists of many excellent orienteers, from which it is always possible to learn something new.

How long have you been an active o-runner, and how were you introduced to (and interested in) orienteering?

I was born into an orienteering family, so I’m a practically an active o-runner my whole life. It was always no. 1 sport for me, which I focused on.

Greatest achievements in the o-course so far, and what is your best orienteering memory?

I have managed to win a few national championships in junior categories and participated at EYOC and JEC several times. Also, I was named the best junior orienteer of 2020. My best memory is from 2014, when I ran my first Ungdomskavlen. Never seen that many orienteers on the start before.

What are your ambitions for 2022?

This year I would like to keep developing my skills and become better and better. In the first half of the season, I aim at WC in Sweden and Tiomila. Then my goal is to do well at World University Championship in Switzerland.

Some quick facts:

  • Sprint or forest? Tricky question! A year back, I would say definitely forest, but now it’s about 50/50
  • Night or day? Day
  • TioMila or Jukola? Tiomila
  • Relay or individual? Relay
  • Flat or hilly? Flat
  • Tights or nylon?? Nylon