Train in Halden


Halden Skiklubb wishes you and your club/your national team welcome to train in Halden. 

For 2019 we are going to prepare some new courses for WOC training, some of them should be ready already in the beginning of April. 
We will give priority to following maps: Guttersröd NW, Akselås, Thuletjern/Syverstad, Kjölasjöen, Skårefjell and maybe Skolleborg. The availability in the beginning of April will depend on the amount of snow. At the moment, in the beginning of February we have snow at all our maps. 

On Wednesday morning April 10th we will organise relay training for Norwegian national team and this training will be available also to other teams (on the same day or close to that date).  

Around our club house at Höiås we have during winter 2018/2019 approx. 70 fixed controls placed in the terrain (night reflex tubes) and it is possible to chose from following courses (observe, no markings at control picking exercises though). We will leave the controls hanging in the forest at least until the end of May and if there is some interest also until the end of summer. 

Normally we do not have any restrictions of training possibilities (due to nature protection) on our maps during spring and summer. 

If you are from a national team and you wish to buy an OCAD-file with our maps, contact directly Emil Wingstedt (more info). 

We have 6 training courses ready (june 2018) to be part of our WOC2019 training package and we encourage you to choose from these ones at first. They have all red/yellow plastic bands at the controls and are planned by our coach Eva Jurenikova. 2 of these courses are at Skolleborg, which is a neighbouring area to the World Cup held in Halden at the end of summer 2018. 

Klick on the name to see the whole course, information about cartographers, parkings etc, Please, note that we print all maps for you and agree with you how you can pick them up in Halden. To find your way to the parking, see the google map links. Please, never use our maps without our permission! 

All maps are in scale 1:10000 and Guttersröd NW is both in 1:10000 and 1:15000 (printed on each side of a paper). 

Akselås LD 9,2km Parking:
Guttersröd NW LD 7,1km Parking:
Kjolasjöen LD 10,0km Parking: 
Skolleborg N MD 6,1km Parking: There is also more space about 200m to the north. 
Skolleborg S MD 5,4km Parking: There is also more space about 200m to the north.
Skårefjell W 6 intervals 6,7km Parking: There is new barrier installed approx 120m before the original parking spot but it is possible to park a bit further down, 10m from the curve of the asphalt road here: or even on a side of the gravel road before the barrier (please do not block it). 


In addition to that we have some other courses from our recent trainings.

In case of bigger groups (20+) it might be impossible to provide access to some of the trainings due to limited parking possibilities and agreements with the landowners. We do not sell maps which belong to other clubs. 

Please always follow our instructions about parking and do not run over fields (cultivated land, symbol 415, is out-of-bounds). 
Thank you!

The offer is open the whole year except first weekend in October 5. -  aproximately end of November, due to hunting in the terrains. 
After October 21, some of our terrains can be available, if the huniting is finished there, but we are not able to promise anything in advance even if during working days (Monday-Friday) there is normally not any hunting anymore. 

At Höiås (around our clubhouse) we will have about 15 new courses available after October 21, many with reflexive markings (reflexive tubes) which can be used both for day and night orienteering. 

GPS tracking
Loggator can offer live GPS tracking for some training groups. To find out more, please contact Lacho Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den..



  • With control markings: NOK 60 per person&training
  • Without control markings: NOK 40 per person&training

Order the trainings by email to Björn Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. who will print the maps for you and agree where in Halden you will be able to pick them up. Please note that we cannot send any pdf-files and that we need to receive your order several days (one week) in advance. It might be impossible to organise the maps for you if you contact us short time before your arrival.

Please, never use our maps without informing us and without paying for them. 



There is limited availability at our club house at Höiås for 100NOK per night and person.
There are 8 beds (bunk beds) and also some extra mattresses and a small kitchen.
Make a reservation by contacting
Utleie Høiås
Ingeborg Torgersen
Kattestenveien 4
1784 Halden
Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

Other accomodation:
Gimle IFs club house

Updated 07.02.2019