Do you still have a dream about Halden?

hytta2Once upon a time you had a dream about moving to Halden or coming back to Halden.

Then the reality hit you - you completed your studies, got a job, and a career.

But, is a part of the dream still there? Maybe not about running a leg in the first team, but the dream about getting lost on the marches, getting saved by the lights from the tower and finally relaxing in the sauna and in front of the fire at Høiås, hearing the laughter from the kids in the neighbour room.

Now the dream can come true, because one of the companies in Halde, IFE, is seeking for 10 senior / principal research scientists. If you want to know more about work at IFE and feel free to contact any of the orienteers Elin Cathrine Hagen, Emil Wingstedt or Bjørn Axel Gran.