Camp Norway Denmark

This weekend a group of Halden runners, mostly youthful and those of us clinging onto youth, travelled to Denmark to take part in Camp Norway. This involved a day of training on Friday, including taking on the worlds best juniors of 2010 on the JWOC middle distance course, some sprint training and a night race round the sand dunes and forest of Blockhus.

Nordjysk 2-dages Håkon Anders

Friday also featured a talk by multiple medalists Maja Alm and Ida Bobach (pdf-file with their presentation). This focused on orienteering in continental terrain, the different terrain types in Denmark and route choice. Run hard, make things simple for yourself, and minimise small time losses, fast and easy! 

Saturday morning started in the classroom looking again at racing in continental terrain, and how to adapt yourself if you have predominantly honed your skills in Nordic terrain (pdf-file with Bjarne Hoffmann's presentation). Then it was time to put what had been learnt into practice. Talking through the races in the evenings, keeping in mind the messages of the day before and morning, it was interesting to pick out and discuss the different route choices. Halden runners showed their adaptability and skill in the forest with some good result.

Results and maps Nordjysk 2-dages and also routes of Sören Bobach who won both the middle and long distance

Our GPS-tracking from all races and trainings

A worthwhile weekend that even included the excitement of an overnight ferry! A lot was learnt and being able to readily practice and analyse was very beneficial.