Alina Niggli

Alina Niggli is the next new club member presenting her self. She runs orienteering in summer and do ski orientering in winter. A month ago she won 2 bronze medals in the World Campionship in ski orienteering for juniors. Now she is looking forward to represent Halden Skiklubb in orienteering.

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For those who do not know you, who are you (short presentation)?

I am Alina Niggli, I’m a 18 year old girl from Switzerland. I run orienteering in summer and ski orienteering in winter. I’m currently taking a gap year before starting my economics studies in September.

Why have you chosen to run for Halden Skiklubb?

I chose to run for Halden Skiiklubb because I like the terrain here, and the opportunities for training in a team are really good. I’m happy to get to know the team better soon and meet great people, who are as invested as me in orienteering.

How long have you been an active o-runner, and how were you introduced to (and interested in) orienteering?

My parents introduced me to orienteering very early, I was going to the races with my family since always without running the races. I started to run the races with my parents when I was maybe 4 years old. I was about 8 when I ran my first race alone.
I started really training specifically for orienteering about 5 years ago.

Greatest achievements in the o-course so far, and what is your best orienteering memory?

EYOC 2018-2021: 1 gold medal in relay, 2 silver medals in the long distance, and 1 bronze medal in relay.
O-Ringen 2019: 3rd place in the overall ranking.
My best orienteering memory was to win the W16 EYOC Relay with my teammates, Sanna and Mirjam. It was really great to share this victory with them.

What are your ambitions for 2022?

To run good races at JWOC and O-Ringen, and to get better in the Scandinavian forests.

Some quick facts:

  • Sprint or forest? forest
  • Night or day? night
  • TioMila or Jukola? jukola because it’s in summer ?
  • Relay or individual? relay
  • Flat or hilly? flat
  • Tights or nylon?? tights