Presentation of Hanna Wey and Timo Tantanini

Hanna Wey and Timo Tantanini are both from Switzerland, and new club members of Halden Skiklubb. Get to know them below. 

Hanna Timo 

Hanna Way

For those who do not know you, who are you (short presentation)?

I’m Hanna, 20 years old, from Switzerland. I’m studying economics in the second year and I love being outside in nature and the mountains. And of course, orienteering is the best sport in the world.

Why have you choosen to run for Halden Skiklubb?

Because Halden is a traditional and big Club which offers good company and amazing orienteering terrains. And because it has very nice cloths ?

How long have you been an active o-runner, and how were you introduced to (and interested in) orienteering?

I started orienteering as a small child together with my parents and brothers. At the age of 10 I did my first orienteering competition alone. It was mostly my father who aroused my passion for orienteering.

Greatest achievements in the o-course so far, and what is your best orienteering memory?

My greatest achievement is the bronze medal in relay at EYOC 2019 in Belarus. It was a perfect day and definitely one of my best orienteering memories. But also running the first leg at Venla 2019, O-Ringen 2018 and several competitions in the Swiss mountains were very nice experiences.

What are your ambitions for 2022?

In my first elite year I want to ran stable national races and collecting a lot of experiences in new terrains. My main goal is the selection for the university world championships in summer.

Some quick facts:

  • Sprint or forest? forest
  • Night or day? day
  • TioMila or Jukola? Tiomila
  • Relay or individual? relay
  • Flat or hilly? hilly
  • Tights or nylon?? tights


Timo Tantanini

Age: 20 years old

Nationality: Switzerland

When did you join Halden? 2022

What made you join Halden?

My good friend Hanna Wey told me about her joining Halden. After I thought about it and seeing all the great possibilities I decided to give a try to join Halden.

What do you do when you are not running orienteering?

I work in a 50% pensum as a forester, hang out with friends or just relax after mostly physical exhausting days.

What are your ambitions for 2022?

I ended last year my last season as a junior, and now I would like to establish myself in the senior category.

What is your favourite type of terrain?

I really like rough terrain like the ones we have in the swiss jura, but as every orienteer I look up to fast and detailed scandinavian terrains.

Sprint or forest? Definitely Forest!

Nylon or tights? I can live with both of these religions

Tiomila or Jukola? I haven`t been at both of them… So I say 25manna ?

Night or day? Probably day

Any fun fact you want to share? My Motto: Life is short eat desert first!