Raul awarded Coach of the Year

Raul Ferra, HSK's club coach, was recently awarded the Coach of the Year prize in his home region of Murcia in Spain.

Raul Ferra came to Halden as a club coach in March 2020. He comes from the Murcia region, which is located in the south-east of Spain. The region has 1.5 million inhabitants. Murcia has its own Sports Gala, where each year recognition is made to different protagonists of sports (born or with an important connection to the Murcia region) who have obtained outstanding results or feats at a national or international level.

The Sport Gala has been arranged in more than 30 years, and last year a new award - Coach of the Year - was included. Already in the second year of this awards history, the prize was awarded to our club coach Raul.

It is quite rare that there are coaches from the region training abroad and, furthermore, one of the world known clubs in the sport. Raul was awarded the prize for his great work in Halden SK. Also, the jury has considered the great projection that Maximus (Maximus Winter Camp and Maximus O Meeting) has had since Raul started directing it (as cofounder and sport director), becoming one of the references of the world Orienteering during the winter.

Makes Orienteering more visible in the sports world

- For me, it is very nice to receive this type of recognition in my hometown, says Raul, before he continues: - But what I consider most important is the visibility it gives to a sport like Orienteering which, in Spain at least, is not very well known or visible in the sports world. Thanks to this award, Orienteering is now (and will be) more present in the mass media. I already had some interviews for newspapers and radio. That is why it is especially exciting to see how in a sport ceremony in general, one of the most important awards is given to someone related to Orienteering. I am very happy about it!

Raul received the prize during Halden SK`s training camp last week. Back in the Halden camp the prize was celebrated with cake, as it should be!

Congratulations on the award, Raul!

Some of the Halden runners Raul is coaching