Elena Pezzati

Elena Pezzati was recommended to run for Halden by Elena Roos, one of our best runners. Get to know Elena P here.

ElenaP 660px

For those who do not know you, who are you (short presentation)?

I’m Elena Pezzati, I’m 23 and I live in the south of Switzerland. I study Leisure Management at university here in Lugano. I really like doing sports activities and I enjoy follow sport competitions. I like staying in the nature, I live basically in the forest and growing up I always had a lot of green around me.

Why have you chosen to run for Halden Skiklubb?

Since the first time that I went to Norway I really liked the nation and the forests. So, when Elena Roos told me about the opportunity to join the club I was really interested, because I already knew that Halden SK is a big and strong club, and that I could have the opportunity to train with a really strong team.

How long have you been an active o-runner, and how were you introduced to (and interested in) orienteering?

I started orienteering when I was about 6, my parents were already practicing this sport and they always brought my brother and me to the competitions, so one day I also wanted to try and then I just kept going.

Greatest achievements in the o-course so far, and what is your best orienteering memory?

Running at the European Championships in Switzerland in 2021 was a big achievement even if the results were not huge. Then also World Cup in Italy with a 36th place in the long was a big achievement for me.

My favorite orienteering memory is probably JWOC 2019 in Denmark, after some problems with an injury, I came there with no expectations and had one of the best weeks of my life. The team spirit was great, I was very determinate, and I achieved a 4th place in the middle and two 7th places in sprint and long.

What are your ambitions for 2022?

In 2022 I would like to participate to the 3 World Cup Rounds and improve my results from last year, aiming for a top 20. Also, a big goal is the World university Championship that are going to be in Switzerland and there I’m aiming at least for a top 10, but also trying to fight for a diploma.

Some quick facts:

  • Sprint or forest? Forest
  • Night or day? Day
  • TioMila or Jukola? Jukola (but for now I still wasn’t at Tiomila :P)
  • Relay or individual? Probably both
  • Flat or hilly? A good mix
  • Tights or nylon?? Nylon